Owning rental property can be a great financial investment, but risks come with all investments - especially in real estate - especially if you lease an Oklahoma City area home. If you own investment properties in Oklahoma City, Moore, Midwest City or any other surrounding neighborhood, ONEprop can help you reduce these legal and financial risks. We do this by managing you rental properties in a way that's professional, economical and efficient.


It's important that you protect your investments, and owning rental property is no exception. ONEprop has been in business since 1987 and when you choose us to handle your property management needs, you will receive all of the benefits that come from the knowledge and experience we've gained during this time. For example, every one of our managers is a member of the National Association of Rental Property Managers in addition to being licensed realtors. Therefore, you know your Oklahoma City area home will be managed by qualified individuals.


We offer complete property management services for our clients in the Oklahoma City area. These services can be customized to fit your exact needs. The services we offer include:


  • Moving Coordination: We help property owners by taking pictures of the rental property, writing reports and finding tenants quickly. In addition, we also help tenants during the moving process to make the transition fast and easy.
  • Contract Enforcement: Enforcing the terms of the lease is one of the hardships faced by many rental property owners. Your ONEprop property manager will make sure all of your tenants are within their lease terms and handle those that aren't for you.
  • Scheduled Property Visits: The only way you can ensure that your rental property is being taken care of is to visit it regularly. Your property manager will make scheduled visits to the property to monitor its condition.
  • Tenant Relations: We believe that when tenants are happy, they are good tenants that will stay in the rental property longer. Therefore, ONEprop property managers make it a point to develop a good rapport with your tenants to ensure their happiness.
  • Money Collection and Distribution: The only way owning rental property is profitable is by collecting rent from your tenants. We effectively collect your tenants rent and then quickly forward it to you through an electronic funds transfer process. Your money will be held in trust until you collect it.
  • Reports: Property owners will be given detailed monthly financial reports regarding their rental properties. At the end of the tax year, you will receive an annual CPA consolidated statement to make tax time easy.
  • Compliance with laws: ONEprop is a leading property management firm in the Oklahoma City area and as such it is our responsibility to know and follow all of the state and local laws and regulations. Our constant attention to these issues means that your rental property will always be in compliance with these laws and regulations.








ONEprop Oklahoma LLC is a Real Estate Brokerage licensed by the State of Oklahoma, OREC license number 157720